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Founder and CEO of Peak Dawn in Australia and President of Peak Dawn Nutrition, Inc. in the USA, Chris Hall is a Ted Speak, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur.

Dictators Down Under

I used to see the wisdom of keeping politics separate from the workplace, but as medical apartheid pollutes our industries, I can’t hold my tongue anymore. We live in a world where coercion has become normal and private bodily choice has become public. The narrative has become illogical and delusional, […]

How To Be Happy — Part 2: RelationshipsRelatios

Relationship Insights Welcome to Part 2 — it’s nice to see you again. In Part 1 we examined strategies for Self-Care, and the importance of maintaining personal energy so that you can give in life, and experience life with vitality. In this article, I am going to make the assumption that you’ve got Self-Care sorted […]

How To Be Happy — Part 1: Self Care

Self Care Strategies 50% of our happiness level is determined by our genetics, 10% by circumstance, and 40% by intentional activity. By focusing on the 40%, the intentional activities, we can examine in this article how to “do happiness”. I believe that we are all able to take back control, and […]

How To Do a Ted Talk

Have you ever wondered what it would like to deliver a Ted Talk? To get on stage, be recorded, and convey your idea worth spreading in 18 minutes or less? Does this terrify or excite you? What would be possible in your career if you did it?! For me, doing my first […]

Is your sleep deteriorating as you age?

Is your sleep deteriorating as you age? There is a holistic link between lifestyle, nutrition, and the ageing process.  The UK’s National Health Service recommends eight hours a night because consistently getting less can have the following mental affects: Brain fog. Fatigue. Inability to concentrate. Irritability. We can get away […]