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Founder and CEO of Peak Dawn in Australia and President of Peak Dawn Nutrition, Inc. in the USA, Chris Hall is a Ted Speak, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur.

Making Teams Feel Trusted and Safe

Making Teams Feel Trusted and Safe How To Foster Trust, Accountability, and Motivation Everybody is under psychological and financial stress with COVID-19. Quite frankly I’m sick of seeing that word and thinking about it. We live in a world barraged by negative news, restrictions on our civil liberties, and at […]

Student Wellbeing as Self-Expression

Student Wellbeing as Self-Expression The scope of Wellbeing is evolving as both K-12 and Higher Education become increasingly explicit about looking after cohorts. I believe there is an opportunity to equip students with skill-sets that make their Wellbeing a form of Self-Expression. How Can We Do This? As a Coach, […]