Insight. Growth. Results.

Equipping leaders with the strategies and metrics of engagement, Chris Hall shows teams how everyone can make their best contribution. Through his Keynotes and Workshops, teams access shifts in productivity, accountability, and trust.

As a Ted Speaker, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur, Chris offers a unique insight into both business and personal development. His infectious energy helps organisations develop a deeper sense of connection, authenticity, and alignment towards their company missions.


You can see him published on Udemy, and LinkedIn Articles as part of a mission to maximise reach world-wide.  Read Reviews Here.


Chris has founded five businesses, and is not afraid to take on a challenge. He is the owner of Peak Dawn, which helps people choose powerfully, everyday through a suite of personal development and business coaching style events and online courses. Chris’ courses are used by more than 32,000 people worldwide.

Gallup Strengths Coach

As a Certified Strengths Coach, Chris uses Gallup’ CliftonStrength methodology to tap into the potential of both individuals and teams, delivering events to both corporate and educational institutions. Chris also delivers motivational and leadership development events to Universities, K12 Schools and other Youth based organisations.

Seminar Author

Chris has an ability to digest and succinctly summarise the leading schools of the personal development field.

Chris launched his business Peak Dawn to bring inspiration to people through a variety of forms, be it 1:1 coaching, group sessions and seminars.

Previous Career History

Chris established Everest Team Events, a NSW wide team building business. He began the business back in 2011, before selling at the end of 2017.

Prior to his first businesses, Chris was a project manager for six years with Accenture, working on global SAP projects in the FMCG industry.

Family Man

Chris is married to his beautiful and vibrant Wife, living with their Son and Daughter in the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.  Originally from the UK, Chris puts family first in prioritising visits back to England to be with his family and also in visiting USA where his Wife is from. Having travelled a great deal of the world, Chris buys into multiculturalism, compassion, and a wider global viewpoint.


Chris Hall founded and was the Chairman of an Australian charity for four years, bringing “INSPOs” to thousands of homeless youth across Australia. These INSPOs rallied local businesses and youth organisations to collaborate and make a collective stand for believing in disadvantaged young people (as featured in Pro Bono Australia).