Values Based Leadership

Values are the guiding principles….

… in our lives that drive our self-esteem, actions, communications, and community.  When we are consciously aware of our values and able to align our professional lives to them, we can access heightened levels of fulfilment.


It is possible to identify the relevance of personal values to our professional lives.  In this workshop we show participants how to identify, prioritise, and align values so that they can become more connected leaders.

What Do The Participants Get?

We bring awareness to the framework that our Values drive our Decisions and our Decisions drive our Results, whether personal or professional.  By understanding, articulating, and honouring our Values we can shine a light on why our life has turned out this way.


Once we have work-shopped how our personal values map out, participants are able to lead teams from a values-based approach and consciously identify projects and missions that are in alignment with their values.  This workshop is delivered across 1.5 hours (excluding breaks).