Tapping Into Talent

Is Your Team Using Their Talents Daily?

We all accumulate experience and skill sets over our life times, but there are certain qualities that make us unique to our fellow interview candidates.  Often this uniqueness is hard to explain on paper because we can all be similar ages, similar industries, similar specifics….

In this workshop, we are able to tap into the deep reservoir of WHO everyone is at the level of thinking, feeling and behaving in this workshop through the usage of CliftonStrengths®.

By knowing your teams’ Strengths we have an opportunity to appreciate both contribution and needs through the lens of one another’s uniqueness.

What Does The Team Get?

Everyone participant leaves with a clear understanding of their personalised Strengths Report and the Team leaves with a strategy to address performance goals through the TeamGrid®.

How Unique Are The Results?

There is only a One in 33 Million Chance that you’ll ever meet something with the same order of your Top 5 Strengths. 

What Is The Business Case?

Productivity can be increased up to 13%, team members are six times more likely to report an excellent quality of life, and three times more likely to feel engaged.

We have detailed Case Studies, completed across more than 1.2 million people, that demonstrate the impact on Sales, Productivity, Retention and even reducing Safety Incidents!  Contact Us and we’ll be happy to send it to you.


Minimum 2 Hours, Recommended 3.5 Hours

Follow-up coaching for Leaders and Managers available to continue the usage of Strengths through the team culture.