Strengths Based Teams

What’s the Problem with Teams?

In the workplace, Leaders operate based on their team’s CVs, experience, and the subjective thoughts and feeling they have about people.  They rarely objectively understand how individuals naturally think, or get insight into how they behave, never-mind how they feel in certain situations.    The consequence is that Leaders are flying blind, not knowing how best to engage with their team.  Team mates form personal assessments of one another, and cliques form.

How Could Teams Operate Instead?

What your workplace everyone knew the natural talents of one another?

What would engagement look like if Leaders put this natural talent to work on a daily basis?

Would would productivity look like if everyone was able to be their best self on a daily basis?

The CliftonStrengths® Assessment is a tool we use to understand these very questions.  Through our workshops and engagement programs, we equip businesses with mechanisms required to run Strength-Based teams.

Our Workshop

Phase 1

  1. Leadership Meeting: Ted Speaker and Business Coach, Chris Hall meets with your Leadership Team to ascertain Business Vision, Issues, and Outcomes.
  2. Online Test: All Staff complete online test which takes 45 minutes and should be completed two weeks before the workshop. This forms part of our pre-work.
  3. Foundation Workshop: The Foundation Workshop run across 3.5 hours, with a key deliverable of each participant gaining a Brand Statement within one week of the Workshop

What Is The Business Case?

Productivity can be increased up to 13%, team members are six times more likely to report an excellent quality of life, and three times more likely to feel engaged.

We have detailed Case Studies, completed across more than 1.2 million people, that demonstrate the impact on Sales, Productivity, Retention and even reducing Safety Incidents!  Contact Us and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

What Are The Outcomes?

The members of Strengths Based Teams are fully aware of their own individual Strengths.

They are aware of each other’s talents, needs, and contribution.

They complement and partner up, to reach common goals in a manner that is highly productive and engaging.

Phase 2

Example Brand Statement

Phase 2 integrates Strengths into the culture of the business by helping leaders live their Strengths and bring out the best from the Strengths of their team.

This is done initially through the integration of Brand Statements into daily life combined with Leadership Coaching, so that each Leader/Manager is equipped with the tools to bring out the best version of their team mates everyday.

Phase 1 can be completed alone and does not oblige Phase 2, however we find most clients wish to continue the journey into true Strengths-Based Culture!