Start-Up Workshops

Lean, Effective, Engaged, and Productive Start-Ups

Many businesses begin with an idea, a product, or a disruptive service.  Often there is a single founder, perhaps two, but ultimately the vision rests on the shoulders of an initial few.  During such times, founding teams will face challenges, set-backs, and breakthrough.

Our Strengths Based Start-Up workshop enable teams to know themselves at the deepest level of thinking, feeling, and behaviour so that can turn up everyday inspired because they are expressing their talents.

What Do Participants Get?

This is a highly engaging and energetic workshop, involving live coaching, goal setting, and aligning participants to be an expression of Who They Are throughout their lives and upcoming business growth.


Each participant comes away with an in-depth understanding of their truest self, along with a Brand Statement to be included amongst the workplace going forward. A Brand Statement is a two-sentence expression of their Top Five Gallup Strengths, and will be timeless throughout their careers. Participants are encouraged to place their Brand Statement on their CV, LinkedIn Profiles, and to integrate it into their business.

Who Buys This Workshop?

1. Incubators

2. Accelerator Programs

3. Private Companies