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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Coaches are Certified Strengths Coaches through Gallup. This equips them with the ability to delve into how your naturally think, feel,and behave.

Coming to Peak Dawn for Coaching goes deeper than traditional subject-matter topics because we are able to tap into Who You Are throughout life and professional career or business.

Chris Hall has setup five businesses, is a Professional Business Coach, and comes from an international IT background when we worked at Accenture. Chris sits competently across strategic planning, IT, marketing, digital, and finance.  He has lived and breathed the challenges and issues that you are facing, and can empower breakthroughs in the areas that you most likely want. His energy is infectious and he has an uncanny ability to synthesise and summarise the way-ahead.

Start-Ups, Business Acceleration, Strategy, Branding, Digital & Systems, Marketing, IT Strategy for SMEs, Purpose & Mission Definition & Gallup Strengths For Individuals & Strengths Based Teams.

$250 AUD for your Hour of Power.

Sessions are payable in advance.

1 Hour, typically dialled into via Zoom as a video conferencing solution.

We begin by understanding the issues, goals, and current position of your business.

During these conversations, both client and coach discover areas for improvement and gain clarity for the road ahead.

We believe that we need to anchor to where we are going to in order to decide what to do in the present.

You can book directly online – click this link.

Sessions are automatically displayed in your local timezone, globally.

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