Dictators Down Under

I used to see the wisdom of keeping politics separate from the workplace, but as medical apartheid pollutes our industries, I can’t hold my tongue anymore. We live in a world where coercion has become normal and private bodily choice has become public. The narrative has become illogical and delusional, so we need to call a spade a spade.

Australia has fallen into tyranny the last two years, and it has deeply concerned me to see the principles of the Nuremberg Code, democracy, freedom of speech, and medical ethics erode so quickly.

We need to come back to values that safeguard us all living together as a society. Without the values of privacy, decency, and acceptance, this environment will tear us all apart.

Privacy is crucial in both relationships and in Law. I would never dare ask a colleague about their doctors’ appointment or suchlike. It simply isn’t relevant to the workplace. Most people don’t realize that a Mandate is the not the same as Law. It is a violation of the Privacy Act 1988, for example, to ask about medical choices. Most Australian HR departments or business owners do not realise that they are violating the Law when asking employees about private health matters.

We have allowed the State Premiers of Australia to rise to the status of mini dictators.

We must not forget that the Premiers and the PM stepped into their megalomania based on emergency powers.  

As we now learn, from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, that only 0.9% of Australian deaths were with or from Covid in the ENTIRE pandemic, I have to question whether this is an ”emergency” anymore?

We now know that 92% of all Covid deaths in Australia had on average three co-morbidities AND that the median age was in the 80s, which is in alignment with the average life expectancy.

Source: ABS from March 2020 to 31st January 2022

I urge people to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and to realize that we have all been conned.

It’s time to realize that Governments and mainstream media outlets around the world are overtly lying, and their deceit is systemic. 

We need a better way of running society.

We have an opportunity to realize that we are all sovereign individuals.

Our rights are not “given” to us by our Premiers, Prime Ministers, or bureaucrats.

Our rights are given to us by God and I intend to express them fully, with vigour, passion, and truth henceforth.

Welcome to the new Chris Hall with all the political correctness and corporate culture thrown out.  I decided to go back into my business, Peak Dawn, full time because I am going to cause a change.

I look forward to empowering people to realize their potential throwing paradigm shifts in their well-being, personal freedom, and businesses.

I know some of you won’t like the taste of such thoughts, but for those of you that are intrigued, I hope to stay in the touch with you. 

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